After completing 'The Sol' or 'The Luna' quest:

Astrium Concord
You succeeded in your task. The ancient Astrium magic that has kept the Sol and Luna hidden for centuries is gone now. But you now understand what will happen if we leave it that way. Please, we have no time to waste. The spell must be cast anew!

The Astrium Concord is a group dedicated to keeping the Sol and Luna out of the hands of the Solaris and Lunaris cults. After Escherion attacked, his Chaos magic weakened our wards. If they are not replaced, the Sol and Luna might be used to destory Lore!

- Zuthier's Quests

After completing Zuthier's Quests (Solaris or Lunaris):

Astrium Concord
Thank you so much for your help. Since you already know about all our secrets, the Sol and Luna will remain visible to you but thanks to you, they are hidden from the Solaris, Lunaris and the rest of the world. My wares are yours to enjoy as a reward.

- Solaris Shop (if you sided with Solaris)
- Lunaris Shop (if you sided with Lunaris)
- Zuthier's Hair Shop

Location: Mobius
Note: Also see Astrium Armor.


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