Zorbak's Legion


«Scene: Playback event of Zorbak's Legion saga from DragonFable»

Meh… you again. I knew you'd show up. You always do when I'm… organizing things.

But this time I wanted you here. We're going to relive old times… even if you don't remember them.

Like that one time, so long ago it's almost like another life. Mehehehe! When I wanted an army of dracoliches. Remember that?

Zombies, Dravir, and dragon eggs. Good times, right? Meh. I hate good times.

I had everything figured out. Get you to find the dragon eggs.

Enchant the baby dracoliches. Then conquer with their deceptively cute-but-deadly powers…

And my evil genius — Meheheheh! — We would rule the world!

But YOU didn't trust me. So you got to tag along as the baby dracolich nanny. Best. Hero Role. EVER!

First we tried to conquer me a new hideout, but YOU couldn't even manage to get…

One teeny, tiny teenager to vacate her mansion. Meeeeh. Pathetic.

Then you bungled dealing with numbskulls jealous of the dracolich horde.

And FINALLY — the penultimate insult — you botched the Safiria situation!

«Scene: At Draco Con»

Zorbak: But the LAST straw was when You got my bony, baby dracolich horde… *gag* ADOPTED!
Zorbak: You could never comprehend my vision… how useful they would be. And now…
Hero: Now?
Zorbak: Meh. You still wouldn't see the genius in my plan. So I'm not going to share.
Hero: You know I'll find out sooner or later… right? I always do.
Zorbak: Meh. IF you do, try not to ruin everything this time.

«Scene fades»

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