Zorbak?? (Cutscene)



«Scene: the Hero, Hargoyle, and Voltaire in Zorbak's hut with Zorbak, a Makai, and a Sneevil»

Hero: Omigosh! Zorbak?!!

Zorbak: In the flesh! How's it going, buddy?

Hero: And… randomly… a Sneevil and a Makai. That's interesting.

Aurelio Voltaire: You guys are the first people we've found!

Hargoyle: Everyone else is GONE!

Zorbak: Oh, they're not gone.
Zorbak: I saw you smacking a few of them around out the window.

Hero: Wait… what??

Zorbak: Those frost monsters! Did you think they just came out of nowhere?

Hero: … Yes?

Zorbak: No way! Those are all MOGLINS!
Zorbak: Krampus didn't just punish the town, dummy. He punished everyone IN it, too!

Makai: Except for us.

Sneevil: 'Cause we were already bad.

Hero: Makes sense. I guess.

Zorbak: Hey, you can't turn a monster into a monster!

Hargoyle: So while we've been trying to protect the town from monsters, we've actually been fighting…

Zorbak: …Frostvale moglins and cute little animals, yep.

Hargoyle: AUGH!

«Scene fades»

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