Zorba's Palace Cutscene 2



«Scene: Zorba and some moglins in his palace, with Memet standing below some stairs in front of Zorba»

Zorba the Bakk: Oota-goota, Memet.

Memet: Heya, Zorbie! Pal! Listen, I swear I was gonna pay you back. I just need a few more days!

Zorba the Bakk: So you can try and escape the planet again? I don’t think so.

Memet: What? No! I would never!

Zorba the Bakk: Sorry, I don’t believe you. And I have a reputation to uphold here!
Zorba the Bakk: I’ve gotta make an example out of you, Memet. I’m sure you understand.
Zorba the Bakk: GUARDS! Throw her into the Lem-or pit!

«Scene fades»

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