Ziri's Secret


«Scene: Throne of Darkness meeting room»

All except Ziri and Mysterious Figure: Bwahahahahahahahaaaa!

Sekt: Oh man… this is as good as it gets.

Xeight: Am I the only who feels bad for Ziri and <Hero>?

Vaden, Scarletta, Sekt, and Pax: Yes!

Pax: Well then… it's about time!
Pax: Time… to hear of when <Hero> entered my DEATH PIT ARENA!

Mysterious Figure: Before you start, Pax, I have ONE question for Ziri.
Mysterious Figure: Ziri…

Ziri: Yes?

Mysterious Figure: What was your REAL reason for going to the inn and seeing <Hero>?

Ziri: Here… I wrote you a note!

None. oF. your. BUSINESS.

Mysterious Figure: Heh. Were you REALLY trying to KILL <Hero>?
Mysterious Figure: Or were you going to meet <him/her> for some other reason?

Ziri: Ziri doesn't need to take this from you!
Ziri: Ziri's gonna be BIG one day!
Ziri: You just watch!

«Screen closes in on Ziri»

Ziri: Ziri's not a small thinker like the rest of you…
Ziri: Ziri has dreams… ambitions… AND IS NEVER GOING TO GIVE UP!
Ziri: Remember the day you first heard of The Bacon Cat Force!

«Extreme close up on Ziri's face»

Ziri: Just like… there are things Ziri will never forget.

«Scene fades»

«Photo of <Hero> in screen, grayscale: "Thank you for your fan letter. Follow your dreams never give up. To my biggest fan, <Hero>."»

«Scene fades»

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