Ziri (NPC)

Before completing the 'Stop Hitting Yourself!' quest:

The Daimon
Ack! What are you doing here? THIS IS A SECRET AREA GO AWAY!

- Go Now

After completing the 'Stop Hitting Yourself!' quest:

YOU?!? What are you doing here?? Did… did you come here to talk Ziri into letting you join the Bacon Cat Force? Weeee-eeee!!!!… you DID prove yourself worthy when you fought Kitty Boo Boo. And Ziri really COULD use some help right now. Ziri's Bacon Cat Force Headquarters is currently under attack by… THE LASER SHARK BRIGADE! Ok, ok, you can stop begging now - you're in! Welcome to the Bacon Cat Force!

Laser What?
Laser Shark Brigade! They are the arch-nemesis..ses… of the Bacon Cat Force! They've found a way into our secret hideout! THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

Your Necklace?
Yep, YOU have Ziri's necklace now. Don't think Ziri hasn't noticed! But, it's ok. Ziri can still have his Bacon Cat Palace through… THE POWER OF HIS IMAGINATION! And YOU can see it all too - you just gotta tell the necklace that you WISH for it! That's why Ziri is GLAD you have the necklace - it's so much more FUN this way!

- Ziri's Quests
- BaconCat Rep

After completing the 'Ziri Is Also Tough' / 'Giant, Huge Cyborg Shark!' quest:

The Daimon
Ziri is SO GLAD that you came to help him fight off the evil LASER SHARK BRIGADE! Don't tell anyone Ziri said so, but Ziri likes having you in the Bacon Cat Force MUCH better than he liked it when he was fighting you. Together, we can take on ANY shark!

- Ziri's Quests
- BaconCat Rep


Before completing the 'Ziri Is Also Tough' quest (Screen 8):

The Daimon
Underground Lair? Ziri doesn't know what you're talking about.

After completing the 'Ziri Is Also Tough' quest (Screen 8):

The Daimon
You have proven yourself to be worthy of Ziri's Special Bacon Cat Forces Unit! This group has an important secret mission - while everyone else is holding off shark minions, YOU will go into our underground lair and stop this invasion at its source! Ziri will keep in contact with you through special Bacon Cat Force communicator!

Underground Lair?
Yep, this giant cat carrier is our secret entrance! Pretty clever, huh? NO ONE WOULD EVER GUESS.

- Ziri's Quests
- BaconCat Rep

After completing the 'Into the Whirlpool' quest:

The Daimon
Ziri thinks that jumping through the whirlpool was a baaaaaad idea…


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