Zifwin the Colorful

Rainbow Mage
Moglin magic isn't like human magic. We have no use for fireballs, ice attacks, or other forms of offensive magic. Instead, we focus on healing, love, and most of all, HUGS. I can't teach you moglin magic, since you're not a moglin. But if you help me out, I can share some with you!

"Where do I get the ingredients you need?"
Trollola Nectar comes from the Trollola Plants in /bloodtusk.
You can get Nimblestem from the Frogdrakes and Lurkers in /mudluk.
Moglinberries? Steal those back from the naughty Dark Makai lurking near town.

- Zifwin the Colorful's Quest
- Zifwin's Magic Shop

Location: NibbleOn


Thanks to ShatteredReality.

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