Zhoom's Death


«Scene: Cave of Wanders»

Hero: That was not NEARLY as hard as I expected.

Zhoom: Did you really think you could defeat both of us, mummy?

Sek-Duat: FOOLS!

«Scene: Sek-Duat stands up»

Sek-Duat: Did YOU really believe that I would lead you here and just hand over the power of a Djinn?!
Sek-Duat: I simply needed you both in the same place!

«Scene: Sek-Duat attacks Zhoom»

Hero: Zhoom!

«Scene: Hero runs to Zhoom and tries to catch him but fails»

Hero: NO!
Hero: He didn't die for noth…

«Scene: Sek-Duat attaks the hero and he/she falls from the cliff»

Sek-Duat: Finally, after centuries of searching…

«Scene: Sek-Duat holds the lamp»


«Scene: Lamp turns into a rock»

«Scene: Zhoom and Hero with the lamp»

Hero: What's his deal?


Zhoom: I slipped him the dreamdust. He probably thinks he killed us and got the lamp.

Hero: Pffff. As if.

Zhoom: Should we just leave him here, lost in the cave?

Hero: He's immortal, right? He has the rest of forever to figure it out.

Zhoom: Good point. Let's go…
Zhoom: … We have a Djinn of our own now.

«Screen fades»

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