Pharaoh of the Sandsea
It's been a long time, friend. I'm surprised, but I'm happy to see a familiar face. I hope the Greenguard nobility has been more welcoming to you than they are to Curlon and I. They're staring at me the way innkeepers used to. I'm accompanying this Troll and Water Elf to make sure no one shanks them with a bread knife. Now I'm beginning to wonder if the Sandsea would be in more danger if we allied with Greenguard.

When you left the Sandsea, you gave me its crown. Making the jump from ranger to Pharaoh was jarring at first, but I found that I'm better at ruling when I'm out in the deserts with my people. I have a new Lector to rely on for matters of policy…and the will of the Sandsea. There have been certain developments, namely regarding what's in my veins. Crulon and I had hoped that my actions would speak for myself, but it's been difficult.

Thousands of Elves have migrated into the Sandsea, despite the environment being harmful to their constitutions. It's because I'm the Half-Elf Pharaoh of the desert. They're feeling threatened by what happened in Greenguard, and are coming to me for protection. The Camlan Elves sided with the Shadows that invaded Battleon, and as a consequence, all Elves across the continent are being mistreated.

Battleon was recently invaded by Shadows that are apparently the enemy of both the Light and the Shadowscythe Empire. Paladins have made a base in the Sandsea because we own texts and artifacts blessed by Light. If the various Paladin Orders believe in their value, then the Shadows will see us as a threat. We could be their next targets. My people have been reporting anomalies, such as purple miasmas appearing at night.



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