ChickenCow God Golem
*Cluck* YOU! You are the reason I have been brought here. I ruled the greatest roost in the OtherWorld as a God! My Temple was great and my people - the ChickenCows - worshipped me. But because you must learn the nature of the elements, and how to defy fate, I have been recreated here, in a MUCH lesser form. I will not forget this, Hero.

A golem god?
You have so much to learn. Yes. I am the ruler of the ChickenCows. Or would be, if I were who I should be. But I am a shadow of my former self. You have no reason to do what I say, and I - I only help you because I sense, even as a golem, that you have the potential power to send me home. You WILL do that if you achieve your destiny!

Nature of Elements
Yes. The world is made up of many different parts. Your world. Every world. Each creature on it is a mix of the 8 core elements… and another. The Void, Bacon, Element X. Call it what you will, but that extra element has powers the other, more mundane ones, do not. Seek it out. Sense the greatness. This is what you must learn here.

Location: DF Lesson


Thanks to Rich Wind and Shawnz5252.

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