Zephyr (NPC)

Elemental Dracomancer Trainer
Hello there young one. Do not worry, I don’t mean any harm. My name is Zephyr and I am here to offer individuals the opportunity to become an Elemental Dracomancer with help and guidance from me. If this interests you then please, stay awhile and listen to our history.

What is a Elemental Dracomancer?
Terrifyingly large and in charge, donning the armor of the elemental dracomancer, you’ll cleave a path to your enemy, driving the weak away from you and bringing the true villain to your feet. Take hold of your weapon, hero and lay waste to those who stand against you.

How to get?
To become an Elemental Dracomancer you must be Rank 10 Etherstorm and purchase it inside /Dragonhame with Gold. You may also purchase it inside the class Shop with Adventure Coins.

- Dragonhame
- Class Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Wizard.
Elemental Dracomancers are single target, short range, offensive casters that use their connection to dragons in order to buff themselves and lay waste to their enemies. They are able to burn and stun their opponents throughout the battle along with an occasional minor self-heal.

Location: Class Hall B


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