Zelgarius the Dragon King



«Scene: Captain Rhubarb and Hero meeting on Screen 1 of Dragonpirate»

Captain Rhubarb: Thank ye for comin' in such a hurry, <Hero>! I wouldn't be askin' for help if it weren't such an important client!

Hero: Where are we exactly? And who's this client, Cap?

Trasix: Presenting, His Majesty, Zelgarius, King of Dragons!

Hero: Wait, what?! Your client is the Dragon King?!

«Scene switches to King Zelgarius»

King Zelgarius: Welcome, Captain Rhubarb, Legendary Pirate, and <Hero>, Hero of Lore. Thank you for coming to our aid.
King Zelgarius: It is not often we look outside the Dragonlands for assistance.

Captain Rhubarb: What can we do ya fer, Yer Majesty?

Trasix: A dragon pirate captain by the name of Scalebeard has taken the Prime Water Dragon Prisoner.

King Zelgarius: Scalebeard is an old enemy of my father's and wishes to usurp the throne for himself. What this has to do with the Prime is unknown to us at the moment.

Hero: So what do you want us to do?

Trasix: Scalebeard has already fled from the city with the Prime and is heading to the open seas. We need you to pursue him and rescue the Prime.

King Zelgarius: I would chase after Scalebeard myself, however his pirates remain in my kingdom. I will lead the forces within the city and clear out the scoundrels.

«Close up on Captain Rhubarb and Hero»

Captain Rhubarb: I dunno… What be in it for us?

«Hero smacks Captain Rhubarb and Rhubarb falls down to the ground»

Hero: Captain Rhubarb!

King Zelgarius: Do not worry, <Hero>, it is an honest question!

Trasix: You will be rewarded greatly for the safe return of the Prime.

Captain Rhubarb: We be on the case then! Thank ye, yer Majesty!
Captain Rhubarb: We mustn't dilly nor dally, <Hero>!

Hero: Right! We will be back soon!

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