Zargon II

Coin Collector
Greetings, strange being! Would you mind helping out a lost traveller?

My name is Zargon, and I am the greatest coin collector of all time and space! I travel the universe looking for rare coins on distant planets to add to my amazing collection. Unfortunately, my first attempt at getting to your planet resulted in teleporting myself into this prison. Hooray!

Why not teleport myself out, you ask? Because every bit of technology from my world is entirely coin operated! Not just any coins though… we need rare, double boiled 99% pure chocolate coins. Would you happen to have any? Want to help? Sure you do! Get collecting!

Come back to me when you're done and I'll trade you those coins for some of my Coin Collector gear. Huzzah! Coins!

… Please come back soon, this prison is pretty bare and its been a few galaxies since my last, um…pit stop.

- Coin Collector Shop

Location: Haunted Halls of Hollowsoul
Note: Also see Coin Collector.


Thanks to Dukey.

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