Skycharged Grenadier Trainer
Do you wanna feel electric? Sail with the Skyguard's newest platoon, and command gratuitous amounts of electrical energy! It's like adding Skyguard Grenadier to an electrical storm! The Skyguard Academy has been developing new technology, and the SkyCharged Grenadier is the result of our research!

What is a Skycharged Grenadier?
With advancements in technology the Skycharged Grenadier takes a regular Skyguard Grenadier but empowers them with the element of Lightning. Strike down your foes, cause big electrical explosions that'll shock your enemies from miles away as you laugh dropping the electric bombs from the sky.

How to get?
To become a Skycharged Grenadier, you will need the "9 Years of Membership" badge and make your way to /skycharged.

- SkyCharged

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky
Skycharged Grenadier use their high-tech weaponry to take does foes. Signal Flare receives additional effects from Bombarb, Plasma Bomb, and Sonic Grenade. Each of those skills also gets another bonus effect from Bombard' Conduction. Because this class has high MP costs, Recharge is needed to refill your MP at the cost of a short self-stun.

Location: Class Hall C


Thanks to Menace.

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