Zahart Found


«Scene: Killed Horc Sell-Sword»

Hero: Are you Zahart?

Zahart: I am, but you are not the person I was expecting. Where is Zhoom?

Hero: I guess I found you first.

Zahart: Not many heroes could boast that they tracked someone down before the great Zhoom. You must be very impressive

Hero: I have my moments. Let's talk about the sandstorm that uncovered this ancient city.
Hero: I understand you might know something about what caused it.

Zahart: I certainly do. It was caused by the great djinn.

Hero: Djinn As in "Genie"? Lives in a magical lamp?

Zahart: HAHAHAHA! No, hero. Only weak djinn are trapped in this world.
Zahart: This djinn lives in the Djinn World but is summoned by using a magic ring.

«Scene: Zahart holds out ring»

Zahart: THIS ring in fact. Tibicenas i summon thee. Heed my command.

«Scene: Tibicenas appears behing Hero»

Tibicenas: How may I serve you, master of the ring?

«Scene: Hero faces Tibicenas but Tibicenas knocks the Hero's weapon off»

Zahart: This Hero dares question Zahart, Master of ring, Mage of the Sands and future ruler of Sandsea.
Zahart: Kill this desert flea.

«Scene: Tibicenas lifts up the Hero»
«Scene: Arrow appears and strikes Zahart on his hood»
«Scene: Zhoom appears on top of a tall block tower»

Zhoom: That was a warning shot, Zahart.

«Scene: Zhoom flies from the tower and lands next to Zahart»

Zhoom: You will release my friend.

Zahart: Djinn, Kill these…

Zhoom: Choose your next words very carefully.

Zahart: Tibicenas, release the hero.

Hero: Thanks, Zhoom.

Zhoom: Good choice, Zahart. Now… why did you uncover all this?
Zhoom: For what are you searching?

Zahart: Clever ranger, you know that i'm searching for something.
Zahart: You will see what it is, in time. But for now…
Zahart: Tibicenas remove us from this place.

«Scene: Tibicenas and Zahart disappears into smoke»

Zhoom: Well Done, we've learn much.

Hero: Really? Didn't seem like much.

Zhoom: We've learned who was responsible for the sandstorm, the source of Zahart's new power, and that he's looking for something.
Zhoom: That means that we can find it before he does.

Hero: Yeah, a djinn can do ANYTHING. How we do fight that kind of power?

Zhoom: I don't know but i do know who might know what we need to do.

Hero: Wow… you know alot.

Zhoom: We need to find the god-king of the Sandsea… the immortal mummy, Sek Duat.

«Scene fades»

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