Yurei Freed


«Hero, with Death's Cursed Hourglass, with Yurei»

Hero: Yurei! I found Death's Hourglass!
Hero: After I free you, I'm going to need to go after that mangy bloodsucker.
Hero: Something that evil shouldn't be free to roam Lore!

Yurei: *giggle*

To free Yurei from the Curse of the Phantom Pixel, you must find all 13 artifacts in all 7 of Artix Entertainment's games. You've found 7 of them in AQWorlds already.

Do you also have:
*Titan's Doom Mug from EpicDuel? (EpicDuel Link)
*Artix's Cursed Shadowfire Axe from AdventureQuest? (AdventureQuest Link)
*the Mysterious Necromancer's Cloak from Dragonfable? (Dragonfable Link)
*the Cursed Mod Tape from MechQuest? (MechQuest Link)
*Hottica's Cursed Shield from HeroSmash? (HeroSmash Link)
*the Cursed Phoenix Blade from OverSoul? (OverSoul Link)

If you have all 13 artifacts, continue on to free Yurei from the Curse of the Phantom Pixel! Otherwise, click the links to the games above to collect the artifacts you do not have, then return here and talk to Yurei.

«Yurei with items floating around her and them going into Yurei»

Hero: The final artifact: Death's Cursed Hourglass. This will free you… forever!

«Death's Cursed Hourglass goes into Yurei and she flashes, then static screen»

The 13 cursed artifacts have each returned to their original form: a missing dead pixel.
The broken image is complete, and the Curse of the Phantom Pixel has been lifted.
She is free to travel on to the next realm…

Hero: Yurei… Yurei? I can't see anythi-

Or to yours!

«Yurei's face flashes in screen»

Artix Entertainment 12th Anniversary
Curse of the Phantom Pixel
… Yurei is free…

«Scene fades»

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