Yulgar's Inn Jukebox

In case of emergency, crank the volume
Jam out to your favorite tunes from Battleon's own band, The NPCs! Now playing LIVE* in Doomwood's Skull Dome!

*… For now O_O

Playing Live?
Artix Entertainment's band, The NPCs, are rocking out in a battle of the bands at the Skull Dome. Watch them conquer the competition, /party til dawn, and unlock the Doom Metal Necro class!

Personal Jukebox
Want to play these tunes in your /house? Make sure The NPCs survive the Battle of the Bands, and Johnny Trax will sell you one of your very own.

- Skull Dome

Location: Yulgar's Inn
Note: Also see Battle Track Jukebox.

Thanks to Anonymous Joe.

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