Yulgar's Börgars (Cutscene)


«Scene: Yulgar and the Hero in Yulgar's Inn»

Yulgar: Hey there, Hero. I've been hoping you'd swing by!

Hero: What's up?

Yulgar: Business has been a little slow in here lately, so I had a great idea to drum up some customers - I'm going to be selling BURGERS now.

Hero: Don't you mean BÖRGARS?

Yulgar: … Ha, ha. Very funny.
Yulgar: Anyway, to get more people coming in for lunch, I ran a little contest.
Yulgar: Winner gets to create my very first specialty burger! Added to the menu, and named after them.
Yulgar: And the first winner, of course, was…

«Scene: Hans appears with Twig on his shoulder»

Twig: Hiya!

Hero: Oh no. Oh NO.

Twig: Oh, yes! I'm so excited, hewo! Imagine… my VEWY OWN buwger! Named after ME!

Hero: That's what I'm afraid of.

Twig: It's going to have EVEWYTHING good on it!
Twig: Fwish… Ice cweam…

Hero: *hrrrk*

Yulgar: You and me both, hero. But hey - he did win the contest, after all!
Yulgar: I just need your help getting set up.
Yulgar: …I wasn't expecting to need all of these ingredients.

Hero: No problem. I got your back.

«Scene fades»

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