Yulgar?! (Cutscene)


«Scene: Yulgar, Jinx, the Hero, and many magpies in the attic of Yuglar's Inn»

Yulgar: Niknak! You made it back!
Yulgar: And… <Hero>! But… how?

Hero: ?
Hero: What happened here? Where IS everyone?

Yulgar: Gone… all gone.
Yulgar: So many are dead… many more have gone missing.
Yulgar: I'm the only one left. I've been hiding out in here with these guys.
Yulgar: Not much of a resistance, but we're all this place has.

Hero: Not anymore. I've got your back.

Jinx: And… and me, too.
Jinx: This isn't the future I want. I have to try to fix this.

Hero: Please. Tell us how we can help.

«Scene fades»

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