Yue Huang


Descendant of the Jade Rabbit
When I traveled to Greenguard to take a peek at the Grenwogs, there was another oopsie. Like what happened to the Etokoun during the Lunar New Year, I pet a Grenwog, and my innate magic transformed it into an Elixir Grenwog. It swam all the way back to the Yokai Isles to hide their eggs. They're filled with an immortality elixir, and I need help keeping it from making more! A bop or two should do the trick!

I heard there was a holiday celebrating rabbits, so I took a ferry over to visit. And when you're near something fluffy, you have to pet it! Problem is, my innate magic mixed with the Grenwog's and transformed it into a half sea creature. It makes eggs filled with an immortality elixir. They're like a rabbit version of a Ningyo. Thankfully, you're here, and only a few fish are going to become undying.

I'm so glad you got my letter and parsed my directions. This is Takarajima, one of the southern isles of Yokai. Ai No Miko's ancestors would hide their personal treasures here in times of emergency because the ocean currents are so hard to navigate. I was only able to navigate the currents because I was closely following the Elixir Grenwog. In a way, this is some pretty good fortune! In fact, we could use this…

A few of my cousins and I, Ai No Miko included, took a ferry over to look for Grenwogs and their eggs. If any of them happen to ask you about where I went, could you fib for me? Ai No Miko won't say it, but she was disappointed in me for causing you trouble during the Lunar New Year. The Jade Dragon's descendant, Baoyu Lin, was our appointed guard, so he'll be really nosy about finding out what happened.

- Elixir Grenwog Merge



  • Yu Huang (玉皇) means "Jade Emperor" in Chinese.
  • Appears on Screen 6 of Yokai Hunt after completing the 'Etokoun Captured' quest.

Thanks to Bad and Tux47.

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