Your Destiny Revealed (Sort Of)


«Scene: Kathool appears with and glowing a purple aura»

Until I rise again, Chosen One…

«Screen fade»

«Scene: We see a shaded Drakath standing standing beside the chaos portal and one of the symbols glowing on the portal»

«Screen fade»

«Scene: Scene goes to close up view of Drakath's face. He cracks a grin»

When their Loremasters finally unlock the secrets of the Beasts…
The Chaos that follows will shatter everything they assume about their history.

«Screen fade»

Their resemblance to the legendary creatures of story is hard to miss.

«Screen fade»

«Scene: Xing and Xang appear, talking to each other»

Xing: So the Chronomancer told his Warlic Golem to tell <Hero> that the batle is against an Iadoa Construct! Tee hee hee!

Xang: That was a lie! Anyone could tell that was a clever lie! To be fair — *giggle* — his constructs ARE pretty convincing!

Xing: Convincingly NORMAL. Pffft! Where's the fun in that?

Xang: Don't stop watching now, Xing. The FUN part's just about to begin! Remember?

«Screen fade»

«Scene: The Hero is holding their weapon against a chaorrupted Iadoa on his knees in the Time space map.»

Hero: Alright, Iadoa! I defeated your stand-in. … Time to come out and tell me WHY I did that!

Iadoa: I am not what you think I —

???: YAAAAAAaaaaa!!!!!

«Golem Lucretia lunges herself in attempt to attack the Hero. The Hero dodges. She appears to be holding a chaos gem»
«Iadoa is stood up now, looking angrily at Golem Lucretia»

Hero: What the-?!

Iadoa: You FOOL! Do you KNOW what would have happened of that touched me? OR <Hero>?!

Golem Lucretia: JUSTICE! You ruined MY life; why can't I do the same to YOU?

«Xing and Xang appear»

Xing: Oh, boo-hoo. So the Chronomancer can't control his sand toys! *giggle* You really shouldn't play at creating life…

Xang: There are too many cracks for Chaos to leak in through. Life LOVES Chaos! Good for us you did, though.

Iadoa: You shall NOT use my creations against me again, Twins. Ever.

«Scene goes to a close up on Iadoa's face. His arm starts to glow Purple»

Iadoa: You want freedom, little puppet? It doesn't come from THEM!

«Golem Lucretia starts to glow a tint of purple and she has tears in her eyes»
«She starts to cry as she fades away»

Xang: Maybe not NOW, Time-twister! *giggle*

Xing: You're so quick to kill! Tsk! What a bad example you set for <Hero>!

«The Hero puts their hands to their face»

Xang: He just saved your life! And now he will have to take it!

Hero: I will NOT! Iaoda just saved MY life. He's always tried to FIGHT chaos!

«Scene goes back to Xing and Xang; making them the main focus»

Xing: Which caused more Chaos than it ended. Tee hee! And really, isn't that how Chaos SHOULD be?

Xang: No matter what you do, you can't predict the outcome of Chaos! Learn THAT lesson well, <Hero>!

«Scene goes back to Time Space with the Hero sheathing their weapon toward the Chaos Twins. Iadoa is floating behind the Hero, with a purple shadow»

Hero: I will NOT slay Iadoa! He is my teacher, my ally. My FRIEND!

Iadoa: I am honored you call me that. But I would not be your friend if I kept you from this.

«The Hero turns their back to see Iadoa throw an attack at The Hero. Their weapon is now directed toward Iadoa»

Hero: What are you doing?! I want to SAVE you!

«A Chaotic burst shoots toward From Iadoa towards The Hero and they use their weapon to defend from it, sliding back a little bit from the attack»

Iadoa: And I MUST save YOU! Do it. NOW!

«The Hero throws their weapon towards Iadoa and a white flash happens. Iaoda is no longer there and The Hero is on their knees.»

Xing: Ta-ta for now, <Hero>! We'll see you again VERY sooooooon! *giggle*
Xing: Sorry your friend is gone!

Xang: But if you're lucky, with a Chronomancer for a teacher, he may not be gone for good.

Xing: Time is funny like that! Tee hee!

«Xing and Xang disappear»

«Screen fade»

«Scene: The Hero and Golem Warlic are talking. Golem Warlic looks extremely disappointed»

Golem Warlic: He trusted you! Do you KNOW how hard it will be for him to re-appear in this time stream?

Hero: I didn't MEAN to kill him! Can't he just go back to the minute before? There's so much more to learn!
Hero: I still don't know WHAT my destiny is. Who AM I?

Golem Warlic: *sigh* You are… not quite a Champion. Something different. Something MORE. You're the —

«A vision/shade of Iadoa appears»

Iadoa: SPOILERS! Say nothing or you will destroy EVERYTHING!

Golem Warlic: You shouldn't be here yet, Master! We don't know what the effect the Chaos will have on your body or magic across times!
Golem Warlic: The Hero will know soon enough anyway.

Hero: It's MY destiny! You fought so hard to teach me! I NEED to know.

Iadoa: THIS me is not fully chaorrupted yet. I must stay in the TimeVoid for now or risk your future.
Iadoa: Perhaps if I am lucky, the Chaorruption will not take such a strong hold this time. As for your destiny…

Hero: You fought Chaos to ensure I was better prepared to save Lore. And myself.

Iaoda: You're going to find out soon, my friend. And when you do, everything will change. Do not hurry it.

«Screen fade»
«Scene: Iaoda's face appears»

Chaos will fall and Order rise when the Hero goes to war.

«Scene fades»

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