You Wouldn't Like Me...


«Scene: Barnabus lies defeated on the ground»

Barnabus: I am slain! My tale has reached its tragic end!
Barnabus: My lord, I am sorry. I… I have… failed you.

«Barnabus dies, his eyes being replaced with "X"s»

Count Maxius: HOW. DARE. YOU?

«Scene zooms out, and black flames appear next to Barnabus»

Count Maxius: You come into MY house.
Count Maxius: Reject my hospitality.
Count Maxius: Harm my other guests.
Count Maxius: And KILL MY BUTLER???

Hero: Well… I mean… I guess you COULD put it that way…
Hero: Or… you could say that you kidnapped us all, and we've been trying to escape.

Count Maxius: I know I'm handsome, charismatic, and charming.
Count Maxius: You're probably thinking, how could a guy like that possibly be anything but a friend?
Count Maxius: But…

«Close up of the black flame»

Count Maxius: …you've never seen me…

«Yellow eyes appear in the flame»

Count Maxius: …when I'm ANGRY.

«Count Maxius appears in a more monstrous form»

«Scene zooms out»

Hero: (Gulp!)

Count Maxius: I am older and more powerful than you could ever imagine.
Count Maxius: I have survived for hundreds of years, exiled, isolated in a land filled with only the dead.
Count Maxius: Do you really think that YOU could stop someone like ME?

Hero: Well, I'm NOT going to be that ritual sacrifice that pulls you out of Gehenna and back into Lore.
Hero: …so yeah, it looks like I'll have to.

Constantin: But <he/she> won't have to do it on <his/her> own.

Kimberly: <He/She>'s got all of us here to help <him/her>!

Voltaire: If only you'd seen what horrors we've faced together.

Bubble: You wouldn't be feeling so confident, then!

Safiria: And I've defeated you once. I can do it again.

«Close up of Count Maxius»

Count Maxius: Safiria. The last time we met, you were considerably less DEAD.
Count Maxius: Let's see how you fare against me now.

«Scene: Barnabus on the floor. He opens one eye»

Barnabus: Get 'em, boss!

«Scene fades»

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