You're Fired



«Scene: The Hero defeats the giant skeletal bulldog»

New Nanny: Yeah! I did it!

«Scene: Gravelyn tears up»


New Nanny: Aaaaah! Why is she crying?
New Nanny: Shh, it's ok! Calm down, lil G!
New Nanny: Please stop crying before your dad hears you and comes in here and sees all of this and-

«Scene pans to the right and shows Sepulchure standing behind the Hero»

New Nanny: …fires me.

Sepulchure: It's ok, sweetheart! Daddy's here!

«Scene: Sepulchure holds Gravelyn»

New Nanny: Sir, I can explain-

Sepulchure: Did baby make a big, nasty monster out of all those bones?

Gravelyn: Glaaah!

Sepulchure: She did! She did! Daddy is SO proud.

«The Hero is confused»

New Nanny: What?

Sepulchure: And did the mean, old nanny break it and ruin all of baby's hard work?

Gravelyn: Goooh.

New Nanny: No, wait, I-

Sepulchure: Kids, eh? She can't wait to be just like daddy. with her very own army of undead minions.
Sepulchure: I hadn't expected her first attempt to be so… spectacular!
Sepulchure: But you survived! That's impressive. You're the first nanny I've had who was able to keep up with my little Gravelyn's antics.

New Nanny: So… does this mean I get to keep my job?

Sepulchure: No. of course not. You made my daughter cry.

«Scene: Close up of Sepulchure's helm»

You're fired.

«Scene: The Hero»

New Nanny: Oh.

Horatio: And this is why I never learn their names.

«Scene: The Hero walks offscreen to the right»

Horatio: Farewell, New Nanny! Or whoever you are!

Gravelyn: Glaaa blaaah!

Sepulchure: And the next one will be even bigger! Won't it? Won't it?

«Scene pans upwards and fades»

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