You Never Asked


«Scene: Oh'Garr holding Mozzy by the ear, with Dorian and the Hero standing by»

Mozzy Mogbourne: Ger’off me! I’ll never talk!
Mozzy Mogbourne: You’ll NEVER get me to tell you where it’s hidden in Lorestockapalooza!

Oh'Garr: Is it, now?
Oh'Garr: You heard him, men! Move out!

«Scene fades»
«Scene: The previous scene, but now Oh'Garr is gone»

Mozzy Mogbourne: Ah, bugger.
Dorian Mode: Mozzy! All this time… YOU knew?!

Mozzy Mogbourne: Where the Song of Fate is? Yeah! ‘Course I did!

Dorian Mode: But… why didn’t you tell us??

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close up of Mozzy»

Mozzy Mogbourne: Well, you never asked, did you?

«Mozzy takes out another bat and bites its head off too»

«Scene fades»

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