You Mean THIS Jewel?


«Scene: Gorgorath in her cave»

Gorgorath: How disappointing this reunion is.
Gorgorath: I kept MY promise.
Gorgorath: I recovered my property, and I left without harming you.

«Gorgorath looks down at the Hero, Galanoth, and Artix»

Gorgorath: …even though you tried, and failed, to harm ME.
Gorgorath: I warned you the next time we meet, it would not end well.
Gorgorath: You should not have come here if you do not want to die!

«Scene: close up of the Hero, Galanoth, and Artix»

Artix: You do not stand a chance - not will all three of us working together!

«Scene: Gorgorath»

Gorgorath: Fool! Have you forgotten that I am immortal?
Gorgorath: Now that I have the Jewel of the Undying, your weapons cannot hurt me!

«The Hero holds out the Jewel of the Undying»

Hero: Oh… you mean THIS jewel?

«The Hero drops the jewel on the ground and smashes it with their weapon»

«Gorgorath roars»

Gorgorath: I don't need to be immortal to destroy the three of you!
Gorgorath: You will pay for what you've taken from me!

«Scene: Hero, Artix, and Galanoth»

Galanoth: You're not the first dragon who's threatened to destroy me.
Galanoth: But none of them have succeeded.
Galanoth: And neither will you.

«Scene fades»

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