You Made Us This Way


«Scene: Xing and Xang in Transformation with a mirror of Drakath»

Drakath: Finally, you pick up again.
Drakath: Listen, you two. This is important.

Xang: What's up, boss?

Xing: Shoot.

Drakath: I get that the two of you are asserting your independence, or whatever it is.
Drakath: But what Anka is doing is dangerous. And if you can't stop her, then I'm going to cave in that tunnel myself.
Drakath: And I'd prefer it if you were back out here with me when that happens.

Xing: Are you… are you saying you'll leave us trapped down here?

Xang: Trapped in the ground forever.

Drakath: He would never.

Xang: Ever.

Drakath: Look, just come back out so I don't have to.

Xang: Sorry. We know you're bluffing.

Xing: And we're way too curious to see how this turns out.

Drakath: Nnngh! Do you have to be so blasted--

Xang: Chaotic?
Xing: Chaotic?

Xang: Of course we do.

Xing: You made us this way, remember?

«Scene fades»

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