You'll Be Fiiiine


«Scene: the Hero slays the Steaming Dragon and falls into the water»

«Scene: Cysero, Alina, Memet, and the Hero on the beach»

Hero: *WHEW*
Hero: Ok, everybody! Water's safe now!

«Everyone rushes to the water»

Everyone get in the water!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Everyone at the juice bar>

Memet: You did it! You saved the beach!
Memet: Drinks are on the house! What can I getcha?

Hero: No, no. I think I'm good.

Memet: You sure?

Hero: Yeah. I can only imagine what kind of drinks you make.

Memet: Well, you let me know if you change your mind.

Hero: Uh huh. Sure thing.
Hero: Hey, wait a minute. Something very important just occurred to me.

Memet: Oh yeah? What's that?

Hero: It's just a product of your twisted imagination!

Memet: Yeah, no duh. I mean, have you seen this place?

Hero: All of this torture… the burning sand, the boiling water… that was all YOU!

Memet: Whoa, there, friendo. You can't go blaming ME for all of that.
Memet: I'M not the one passed out in front of Yulgar's Inn having heatstroke nightmares.

Hero: What?? I'm WHAT???

Memet: Don't worry! Yulgar'll drag you back inside. I'm sure you'll be fiiiiine.
Memet: I can't force you to wake up, though, so I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Hero: Ugh. I need a drink.
Hero: Can you make me an El Captain Rhubarb?

Memet: You got it, buddy.

«Scene fades»

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