You Found Her


«Scene: Drakath and the Hero with Xiang in front of a vault in the forest»

Drakath: Have you been there this whole time?! I was just loo-

Xiang: Drakath!?
Xiang: How dare you show your face to me here?
Xiang: For too long I followed you blindly. Granted your every desire.
Xiang: I was your gladiator. Your champion.
Xiang: You called me your Lord of Chaos. But I did the work while you took the credit.

Drakath: No! That isn’t true! We… we were a team! I LOOKED for you…

Xiang: And I made sure you wouldn’t find me!
Xiang: I bow to no one now. Xiang, not Drakath, is the Prince of Chaos here!
Xiang: And I will succeed where you failed.

Drakath: Xiang… you’re not making any sense.
Drakath: Why would you call me here if you were just going to kick me out?

Xiang: I didn’t call you here! You’re delusional.
Xiang: Hero, I know we’ve had our differences, but you know I respect you, right?
Xiang: So help me out. Get him out of here before I have to get violent.

«Scene fades»

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