You Do with Moknak?



«Scene: the Hero with the Yeti Ice Master, Grandma Yeti, and Moknak>

Grandma Yeti: <Hero>! I'm so glad you could make it.

Hero: Hey, I'm always glad to see my new Yeti friends!

Grandma Yeti: Last week, you rescued my grandson, Moknak, from a terrible fate.
Grandma Yeti: It is a kindness we can never repay you for.

Hero: Aww, hey. I'm just glad he's safe.

Ice Master Yeti: He feels really attached to you after what happened, you know.
Ice Master Yeti: He considers you to be his somewhat-less-furry <brother/sister>.

Hero: D'aawww. That's really sweet.

Grandma Yeti: And thanks to you, he'll be able to participate in our traditional rite of passage this year.

Moknak: Moknak finally old enough!

Hero: Oh, really? What's that?

Grandma Yeti: Every winter, our tribe's young Yeti go down into the valley to face Chillbite, the ice spirit of Everfrost Valley.
Grandma Yeti: Chillbite is the protector of our valley, and the reason it stays so cold.
Grandma Yeti: But she is like a phoenix, living in an endless cycle of reincarnation.
Grandma Yeti: She starts each year fresh and new.
Grandma Yeti: But, as the months pass, her psyche deteriorates, and she gets increasingly more violent and angry.
Grandma Yeti: This is where our rite of passage comes in.
Grandma Yeti: Our young yetis must fight her, and slay her, so that she can be reborn and start her life cycle anew.
Grandma Yeti: And her rebirth is how we mark the start of the new year.

Hero: That's really awesome!

Grandma Yeti: Because of what you did for Moknak, we'd like to welcome you into our tribe.
Grandma Yeti: If you were to participate in this rite with him, we would recognize you as an honorary yeti.

Moknak: You do with Moknak? Come on! We do it together!

Hero: Hey, I'd be honored.

«Scene fades»

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