You Cannot Stop Me


«Scene: the Hero, Kyger with the Obsidian Light of Destiny, and Stellaria (with her helmet off) in the Tech Fortress»

This was the moment…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: the group further in the fortress»

The heroes fought their way through the Technolich's fortress.

«Scene fades»
«Scene: the group facing off against the Technolich in the throne room»

All that was left was to confront the Technolich himself, and gain access to the time machine he controlled.

Technolich Vortrix: On behalf of the Deadtech Empire…

«Scene fades»
«Scene: Close of up Technolich Vortix»

Technolich Vortrix: Greetings and salutations.

«Scene: the Hero's group»
«Hero jumps back in surprise»

Kyger: *Gasp!*

Stellaria: Father!? No…. it can't be!

«Scene: the Hero's group facing off against the Technolich in the throne room»

Technolich Vortrix: I have been looking forward to this family reunion.
Technolich Vortrix: Ours is a mission of peace. To end all wars. To stop all hate. To end… humanity. Accept your fate. Die quickly, my future drones.

Stellaria: This is a nightmare… this has to be a nightmare…

Technolich Vortrix: You are surrounded. Escape is impossible. Comply to the image of your parental unit.

Hero: Stellaria, that is NOT Artix.

Stellaria: But.. but… how can you be sure?

«Scene: Asherion joins the Hero's group»

Hero: Because he's been talking for a half dozen speech bubbles and hasn't made a pun yet.

Asherion: You are correct, <Hero>. This thing is not our Father.
Asherion: The Deadtech stole his body from its grave.
Asherion: Their twisted machines fused his body with the remains of Vordred to create an invulnerable host for their leader.

«Scene: the Hero's group facing off against the Technolich»

Asherion: This entire situation… is a trap. Designed just for the three of us.

Technolich Vortrix: Simulations predict a 99.99% chance you will attempt to initiate combat to resolve this situation.

Asherion: It knows we already lost.

Hero: Why?

Asherion: That thing has the defenses of both The Champion of Darkness and Vordred the Paladin Slayer, and the brain of the Deadtech central computer.
Asherion: Stellaria's Light Paladin powers cannot hurt it.
Asherion: My Darkness powers cannot hurt it.

«Hero raises their weapon»

Hero: I can still hurt it… plenty.

Asherion: Yes, but if you attempt to attack first, it is programmed to access the database and simply delete your account.

«Scene: the Hero's group»
«Hero jumps back in surprise»

Hero: WHAT!?!!?

«Scene: the Hero's group facing off against the Technolich»

Stellaria: If that thing's using my Father's body… it would technically have access to do that.

Technolich Vortrix: As drones, we will use the time machine to conquer all of time and space…. as a family.

«Close up of the Technolich»

Technolich Vortrix: Give up. Accept that there is no way to win. Battle off.

«Scene: the Hero's group»

Hero: See, that's your problem. The REAL Artix would NEVER give up.

«Hero turns to face Stellaria»

Hero: Hey Stellaria… did your Father ever tell you about the time we beat Vordred together?

Stellaria: How did you do it?

«Scene: Close up of Kyger and his Obsidian Light of Destiny»

Hero: We used…. that thing.

«Scene: the Hero's group»

Hero: This is the moment I trained you for kid… you're up!

Asherion: KYGER!!!
Stellaria: KYGER!!!
Hero: KYGER!!!

«Scene: Kyger prepares the strike»

Kyger: BATTTLE ON!!!!!!!

«Kyger strikes the Technolich»

Technolich Vortrix: System disruption! Wifi signal lost. Cannot access database.

Hero: Good shot, kid. I'll take it from here.
Hero: Hey TechnoLich… you're going to pay for using my friend's body.

«Scene fades»

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