You Cannot Resist Kathool


«Scene: Deep in the depths of the ocean»

Kathool: I have slept for too long. The world changes too quickly, and this one is… not what it was.
Kathool: There is so much to do now. And with such a… delicious way of twisting creatures' dreams.
Kathool: The Chronomancer's growing insanity was sweet; it called to me. And I began to feed.
Kathool: In doing so, the Chaos that infected him wove its way into MY power.
Kathool: It thinks to bind me, use my strength to fuel its plans. I will allow this… for now.

«Screen fades»
«Scene: Time Library»

Golem Warlic: !!!

Iadoa: The time has come. It is taking all I have to ignore the whispers in my mind.
Iadoa: They mingle with the pounding of the Chaos in my blood.
Iadoa: They've grown so loud I can't think to teach @him the last thing @he needs to know.

Golem Warlic You MUST fight them, Master! Go to where you cannot hear them!

Iadoa: There IS place where no whispers can reach. And in space, no one can hear me scream.

«Screen fades»
«Scene: Underwater and in total darkness, a fish swims into the darkness and swims out chaorrupted»

Kathool: The seas of Time are MY home, and such little, Chaotic fish cannot kill one of MY strength.
Kathool: Chaos will pass, fading out of existence while Kathool 'Achoo remains.

«Screen shifts to the left to reveal Xing»

Xing: Hmmph. For a Chaos Beast, you are VERY wordy. I think I like the dumb ones better.
Xing: I hope <hero> wins, or this oversized squid will drive ME insane!

«Zooms in on Kathool»

Kathool: Agreed.

«Screen fades»
«Scene: The Span, Xang is hiding while Iadoa and Golem Warlic talk»

Iadoa: The creature that speaks to me has been… tainted along with me. And grows stronger from it.

Golem Warlic: It is drawn to strength and… insanity? With all you've experienced, its power must be massive!

Iadoa: It is much more than that. Creatures like this… never really seem to die.
Iadoa: It has seen kingdoms rise and fall, witnessed the birth of a magic. Seen entire species die.
Iadoa: It is… intelligent. And it came to feed.

Golem Warlic: Go, then, Master! You said the final battle is here, but you've given so much already.
Golem Warlic: Let <hero> test her skills against it while you prepare. We will give her all the aid we can.

«Screen fades»
«Scene: Deep Chaos»

Golem Ash: ?!

Golem Warlic: You understand what you are doing, young Ash? I am a shadow of the real Warlic.
Golem Warlic: I only have the power the hourglass sand gives me. But it may be JUST enough to aid you.

Golem Ash: I know what I face. But if I weaken the Beast before <Hero> fights it, even a little…
Golem Ash: I will become just as legendary a hero as the REAL Ash. That's enough reason for me.

«Screen fades»

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