You Cannot Pass


«Scene: Hero in Serepthys' pyramid»

Serepthys: You… you won? I did not expect you to display such skill!

Hero: Yep, that's right. I'm a Hero. It's what we do.

Serepthys: I was certain that at least the last offering would stop you.
Serepthys: Even if you were able to solv all of my puzzles and gather all of the items…
Serepthys: I never expected Ptahmun to actually cut his own heart out!

Hero: Well, when you have someone as inspirational as me on your side, I guess it's hard to lose.
Hero: So… this is the part where you open the door, right?

Serepthys: I'm sorry, but no.

Hero: Excuse me, what?

Serepthys: I don't think you understand. What I am trying to say is…
Serepthys: …you were never meant to pass these tests.

Hero: Maybe not. But I still DID.
Hero: Come on, Serepthys. We did our part. Now you have to do yours.

Serepthys: I'm sorry, but I cannot allow such power to be wielded by ANYONE.

«Serepthys gets into an attacking stance»

Serepthys: If you try to pass me, I will be forced to stop you.

«Scene fades»

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