You Are Not Our Enemy


«Scene: Elius kneeling before Hero and Galanoth in defeat»

Hero: I'm sorry but we can't let Tyndarius win. He must be stopped.
Hero: I don't want to fight you, Elius. You aren't our enemy. You are just doing what is right for your people. But Tyndarius needs to be stopped, and you could help us with that!

Elius: Alright. I will help you. I will begin retreating my men and we will push forward to Lord Tyndarius.

Galanoth: Thank you, Elius. I assure you, you have made the right choice today.

Elius: I hope so… For my people…

«Elius stands up»

Elius: There is no time to waste. Let's go.

«Scene fades»

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