You and Me

Chaos Avenger Trainer
I already know who you are, and you already know who I am, except we parted ways at a fork in the road of fate. Sharing is caring, and I care a lot about myself. Learn about Chaotic power that became yours in a distant time and space. Become a Chaos Avenger that can crush the Champion of Chaos, and maybe you'll be motivated to obtain a Chaos Amulet of your own one day. Good luck to you, me, myself, and I.

What is a Chaos Avenger?
In another timeline, you took Drakath's Chaos Amulet and embraced his power. As a chaos Avenger, you raised your greatsword, saved Lore, and gave it a new form. Time and Space blended together, and a sea of Chaos cascaded across the universe. Every desire was sated, and every nightmare was realized. You never needed to think again. Doesn't that sound incredible?

How to Get?
To become a Chaos Avenger, you must be at least level 80, and completed the 13 Lords of Chaos Sage. Once you're ready, head to the Inn at the Edge of Time, and step into a pocket of space where you'll be able to fight a version of Drakath at the height of his power. You'll find another version of you there, and they'll have quests that need to be completed in order to obtain the Chaos Avenger class.

- ChampionDrakath

How to Use?
Recommended Enhancement: Lucky.
Chaos Avenger's Auto Attack is empowered to deal double damage each time a skill is used. Weave your skill uses between each Auto Attack for maximum damage output!

Location: Class Hall D


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