Yorumi and Yuki


Snow Warden and Blade
It is good to see you, Hero! The ancient evil threatening Lore needs someone of your skill and power. Your fame preceeds you, even we heard tales of your greatness as we traveled.
Eienyuki: SOME guardians don't seek the spotlight. We save people without all that flash and bang.
You know it takes all types of Heroes to keep a world from crashing, Yuki.
Eienyuki: Not that anything COULD fall here. It's too blasted cold to move!

We do not have time to talk, but I hope some day you will visit MY home. The creatures there are some of the most difficult in all of Lore. I think there is much we could do to help each other.
Eienyuki: And much *I* can teach you both.

- Yorumi and Yuki's Quests

Location: Snowy Vale


Thanks to Aimper.

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