Yorohime (NPC)

Oracle Hero
I knew this day would come, where we met face to face. Though, I did think you'd be taller.

I greet you, Hero. I am Yorohime, an Infernatus, and I would not be standing here today, if it were not for Warlic the Archmage's generosity. After my last battle in Greenguard Forest,my companions and I were surveying the result of our attack. Though the beast was a mighty one, its loot was pitiful - nothing but a single, ordinary trinket.

A gilt locket. My partner would have thrown it out. But me, I know that everything has worth, no matter what it is, or appears to be. I think Warlic understands the same. But I digress. As we debated what to do with the trinket, and what to slay next for better rewards, the sun peeked over the horizon, and my muscles locked. I hit the ground face-first.

You see, outside our frozen corner of the underworld, my kind cannot maintain our power or strength. The warmth of day melts our bones and mutes our minds. I fell, and would have remained there until nightfall. But Warlic was passing by and took pity on me. I do not know why.

All I know is that now, I have this enchanted locket, and it allows me to battle both day and night. Thanks to his gift, I was able to earn a reputation as a fierce fighter, gifted enough to battle my way to a place in this tournament!

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Tristyn.

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