Yokai Steel (NPC)

Evolved Dark Caster Hero
Hajimemashite! The time is here, and so are you! *bows*

I've been shrouded in darkness ever since I was a little boy, fighting to survive everyday. Nothing is safe; safe is just an imagination to me.
Waking up in the forest of Akiba was confusing. I could tell I was about the age of 12 but I was wondering the same thing anyone other person would be thinking… where am I? This shadow figure watching over me, flashing away every time I looked in that direction but I didn't care for who that

was, I only cared about myself. One time I caught a food glace at his appearance, had a shadowed sword, gave a slight tint of grey and he also had a scar going across his eye. to be honest I was afraid but at the same time I felt safe, nothing ever happened. The next couple of years I have learned my way around the forest I found out where monsters lurked.

Soon enough I wanted to see what was beyond. Getting through was not easy, monsters everywhere. Somehow I made it out alive. But soon enough I found this small town burning and being pillaged by monsters. Seeing the villagers screaming for their loved ones. I tried to save as much I could but I lost too many.

Today I work as hard as I can to stop chaos from hurting anybody. Every time I look myself in the mirror, I see my shadowed sword and my scar going across my eye. Wondering… Who am I?

Location: Hero Lobby
Note: Also see Yokai Steel (Monster).


Thanks to Amduscia.

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