Journeyed to the West
The Dragons have sounded their war horn. I can see them quickly approaching from the open water. If I had known that their target was the Empress of the Isles, I would have acted faster. Let me make up for that. You need a partner to join you. The Shrine won't let you through if you go alone. It won't be easy. We'll be beset by an invasion of Dragons and traitorous Yokai. But, I promise to help you find the Empress, and eradicate your foes.

I'm eager to see the view of the Moon from the Isles, but not alone. Join me, and we'll test the tea together.

The first Emperor of the Yokai Isles, Seiwa, and his younger brother fought alongside Kitsune when a Dragon from the West invaded. Through their unity, Zakhvatchik was slain, and the Great Yokai Spirit blessed Emperor Seiwa's enthronement. Now, the Dragon has seemingly returned from the dead. Rumors are being spread that the Great Yokai Spirit brought them back to life to test my Granddaughter's ability to rule.

The Mikoto Shrine is the first of its kind. Legend says that the Great Yokai Spirit gave the brothers his blessing here, and created the regalia of the royal family. At the moment, a magic barrier surrounds the Shrine, and it will only allow entry to those coming in pairs. There are rumors that the Great Yokai Spirit will declare any pair that passes her test to be the new rulers of the Isles, just like Seiwa and Kanmu.

You and I will be keeping an eye on the shore, as well as Haku Village. If you look through a telescope, you'll be able to see Zakhvatchik's army of dragons lurking over the sea. If they try anything, we'll board my ship, and meet our enemies with the Isles' armada. You should keep an eye on the situation on land as well- my men have reported strange activity from both the locals and hostile creatures. I had planned on clearing out the village before your arrival, but the nearby Yokai forced me to delay the evacuation…


Note: Replaces Tourist after completing the 'Divine Derision' quest.

Thanks to Tux47.

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