Yin (NPC)

Deity of Dress-Up
Hold on, can't you see I'm busy fixing my lashes? Oh whatever, you're the one that needs to fix your looks. Me and my sister are manifestations that emerged way before Nulgath became the Archfiend. We represent the eternal opposing forces, but take a hike if you think you're going to make me work. Yang has more stuff for you to do. Talk to her. I'll have something for you when I feel like it.

You want to know what 'Opposing forces' means? Go take philosophy class then. Yin can represent the netherworld, the negative, and secrets. But that also includes the moon and 'Women.' That's pretty cool, huh? Though my sis and I rarely fight. The Archfiend sees us as permanent fixtures and a sign that his Nation will reign eternally as long as the balance of opposing forces continues.

Nulgath's pretty old…oh, I mean he's Ancient. The Archfiend was once mortal, but he came face to face with Adimonde and became the beast he is today. There were other contenders, but none of them had Nulgath's ambition or smarts. Arrogance is a requirement to be part of the Evil Faction, however most don't realize that consequences are inevitable, and aren't prepared to face them like the Fiend did.

- Yin (Shop)

Location: Tercessuinotlim

Thanks to mturf.

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