Warrior Class Trainer
The heart of a Warrior is filled with courage and strength. Your skills with weapons in close combat makes you a powerful force on the battlefield.

How to get?
You want to be a Warrior? I can sell the class to you here! You can also buy it from Thok in /trainers.

- Thok's Shop

How to use?
Recommended enhancement: Lucky, Fighter
Warriors can quickly unload high amounts of damage using Decisive Strike alongside its strong auto-attack. Prepared Strike guarantees the next two auto attacks will hit, crit, and deal extra damage. You'll cut through enemies quickly, but this strategy will drain a lot of mana.

Defensive Strategy
Use Imbalancing Strike to stun your target as an opener, and use On Guard in tight situations when you're at risk of dying. You'll take less damage, but you'll deal less damage, too, so you only want to use this skill when you don't mind the tradeoff.

Location: Class Hall A
Note: Also see List of all Warrior Armors.


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