Before completing the 'Gaining Trust' quest:

Little Etherstorm Farmer
Get on with ye! Don't you see my fields are in flames? Where the crops aren't mashed by giant mechanical feet. Argh! All this be ol' Kierk's fault. If YOU want to be of use, help save my fields!

After completing the 'Gaining Trust' quest:

Little Etherstorm Farmer
Welladay, recovering my Spade Handle — even if she be a bit charred — is a good sign. Mayhap you can halp us with our issue. Like I said, it be ol' Kierk's mistake. He created that mechanical girl to replace his daughter. And weren't THAT a slap in the face? He's just a tinker, ain't no real creator, not no how.

Location: Fire Town


Thanks to the magic caster and .Shadow//.

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