Yang (NPC)

Deity of Dress-Up
My sis and I emerged from the Abyss long before Nulgath became the Archfiend, but took these forms after his arrival. We represent the eternal opposing forces but there's enough cooks in that kitchen. We'd rather set you up for success by helping you serve looks! The currency our shop accepts is 'favors,' not just gold. Help me check out the 'bright' things out there and I'll make you shine!

You want to know what 'Opposing forces' means? Go take philosophy class then. Yin can represent the netherworld, the negative, and secrets. But that also includes the moon and 'Women.' That's pretty cool, huh? Though my sis and I rarely fight. The Archfiend sees us as permanent fixtures and a sign that his Nation will reign eternally as long as the balance of opposing forces continues.

*psst* Nulgath wasn't the first to come face to face with the Fiend God. There were lots of contenders back in the day, but they were all chewed up and spat out. Even when he was young, he had endless ambition, intellect, and a vision that stretched far into the future. So-called Protectors of Good tried to confront Adimonde, but they weren't willing to throw away their humanity like Master Nulgath did.

- Yang's Quests
- Yang (Shop)
- Yang's Favors

Location: Tercessuinotlim

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