Dreadrock Weapons Dealer
What isssssssss it, Hero? Do you ttttttire of using that toy you call a weaponnnnnn?

Ssssssspeak quickly…

Who are you?
I ssssssservvvvve the one you know as Nulgattttttth. I offer weaponsssssss from acrosssssss dimensionssssss - acrosssss time and sssssssspace…

Shadowrise Tower?
(The Skexis Fiend clicks its jaws nervously) Do nnnnnnnnot go near the towerrrrrrrr…if you value your ssssssssssoul…

Kaiser Vance?
(The Skexis Fiend refuses to speak of him.)

Beware, Hero…there are beingssssss here who sssssssshould nnnnnnnot be trifled with…sssssssssssome as old as the Old Onnnnnne…and some older sssssssstill….

- Xisor's Quests
- Dreadrock Weapons

Location: Dreadrock Citadel


Thanks to Rsrdaman.

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