Xing & Xang


«Scene: Hero beheads Undead Artix, and Hero picks up Artix's head»

Hero: I'm giving THIS to Dage the Good to free Artix's soul once and for all.

«Screen scrolls to the side to show Mirror King Alteon»

Hero: Now give me my egg.

«King Alteon raises his mace to smash the egg»

King Alteon: NEVER!

«Scene: Alteon attempts to destroy the egg, but Gravelyn intervenes»

«However, the egg falls into a chaos void and drops into Evil Xing's hands»

Xing: Drakath has plans for this egg.

Xang: Once its on the other side, you'll be stuck here FOREVER!

Xing: See you later suckers!

«Mirror Drakath grabs Xing's shoulder and she warps back to Lore»

«Scene: Evil Xing and Good Xang in Drakath's cage in Lore»


Xing: no. NO. NONONO!

«Scene: Mirror Drakath and Mirror Xang smile at each other»

Mirror Drakath: I told you, Xang.

Hero: What just happened?

Mirror Drakath: In both worlds Xing and Xang are the spirits of Good and Evil.
Mirror Drakath: They tempt people to make choices and encourage them to make good ones.
Mirror Drakath: Of course thier roles are reversed in this world but there is still one Good and One Evil.

Mirror Drakath: Long ago, your Drakath used his Chaos Power to switch Xangs, so both evil ones were on your side.
Mirror Drakath: We've enjoyed having both Good Xing and Xang here, helping the Lords of Order….
Mirror Drakath: …but the imbalance it has created must be corrected. Now, things are set right.

«Scene scrolls to the right to show Evil Xang»

Xing: It's good to have you home, sister.

Mirror Drakath: Shut up! MASTER, NOW!

  • Note: Speech bubble points to Evil Xang.

«Evil Xang tosses the Celestial Egg through a chaos rip in space to Drakath, who catches it»

Hero: NO!

Xing: Oh NO! The egg crossed over! <Hero> is trapped here!

Drakath: Not necessarily.
Drakath: I'm prepared to make my reflection an offer.

Mirror Drakath: I'm listening.

Drakath: Having <Hero> trapped in the Mirror Realm would be very helpful to my plans…
Drakath: However, I've grown very accustomed to my Xing and Xang.
Drakath: I offer my reflection the celestial dragon egg in exchange for leaving your Xang on my side.

Hero: Drakath, with your reflection causing Chaos in my world I'm needed there.
Hero: Once he is defeated, you can get your Xang back.

Mirror Drakath: You're right. Correcting a minor imbalance is not worth robbing your world of a great hero.
Mirror Drakath: We have a deal.

«Flash of white light»

«Good Xang replaces Evil Xang in the Mirror Realm»

Mirror Drakath: Crossing over will be much harder for you now, but you're always welcome here.

Gravelyn The Good: Fear not. We will all take very good care of the egg.

Hero: Wait I have so many questions about the egg. How does it balance me? Why was it hidden? What do I…

«Flash of white - Hero warps back to Lore, replaced by the Celestial Egg»

«Scene: Drakath's realm»

Xing: I'm sorry, Master.

Xang: Thank you for bringing me back, Master.

Drakath: You have nothing to be sorry for.
Drakath: You did everything that I asked and everything worked out exactly as I planned.
Drakath: The egg is in my reflection's hands, <Hero> continues to help us open the Chaos Gate here. Perfect….
Drakath: I think it's time that I made you both true Chaos Lords… or a true Chaos Lord.
Drakath: Let's unlock your Chaos Beast.

«Evil Xing and Xang smile»

«Scene fades»

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