Xeven, the Time-Traveling Assassin


«Scene: Exterior of Throne of Darkness castle»

Throne of Darkness

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Interior of Throne of Darkness castle - Xeven has her diary open out in front of her»

Mysterious Figure: Let's continue learning how to stop <Hero> once and for all!

Xeven: Are you ready for my story of the Paradox Portal?

Pax: YOU!? Who let thissss little girl at the big boys' table anyway?

Scarletta; Excuse me!? Do you REALLY want to turn this into a gender issue Pax?

Pax: C'mon, she even has her little Diary with her… what is she like 13?

Xeven: I'm 18!

Ziri: Eh, Xeven, you ARE all cute and goodie two shoes look'in.

Sekt: Only those with the power to conquer or destroy the world should be seated at THIS table.


Xeven: ..
Xeven: NO!

All except Xeven and Mysterious Figure: ….


Pax: HAH! Told you!

Xeven: I am a resistance fighter… from the future!

All except Xeven and Mysterious Figure: The future!?!?!

Scarletta: So, it's true. You're a Time Traveler!

Ziri: Oooh! Oooh! Time Traveler! Now this is getting fun!
Ziri: Quick! Tell Ziri his future! Does Ziri ever get his own TV show!?

Xeven: You want to know the future? Sure…
Xeven: I saw when the FUTURE LEGION, the mechanized bio-undead army wipes out everything.
Xeven: I saw the battle between the underworld and the plane of Light.
Xeven: I saw the end of time itself!
Xeven: But NO HORROR compares to what I saw <Hero> do…
Xeven: …, and I would do anything to stop <Hero> from doing that!

Ziri: *gulps* So… whatd'ya do?

«Xeven pulls out two blades, one red and one blue»

Xeven: I used these.
Xeven: My Blades can cut through the fabric of time and space…
Xeven: *coughs* ..and other things.

Sekt: By the Gods! Foolish girl…
Sekt: Those are Tachyon Blades! Where the !@#$ did you get those!?

Xeven: I stole them… from a ChronoLord.

All except Xeven and Mysterious Figure: !

Xeven: …to change the future!

Sekt: ………

«Sekt leaves the room»

Sekt: I'm Leaving…

Pax: Woah! Woah! Ssssekt? What the… she's just a little girl?

Sekt: IDIOTS! If you were all smart you would all start running from her too.
Sekt: SHE is OFFICIALLY the MOST DANGEROUS person at this table.

All except Xeven and Mysterious Figure: !!!

Sekt: If Xeven did what I think she did…

Xeven: …I did.

«Sekt comes back to slam his head against the table»

All except Xeven and Mysterious Figure: !??

Sekt: It's already too late. We are all doomed… just watch.

Xeven: *Smirks* …and so, <Hero> was chasing me through time towards the end of time itself!

«Scene fades»

Throne of Darkness

«Scene fades»

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