Xeven's Diary


«Scene: the Portal Maze - Xeven stands in front of a blue portal, diary in hand»

Xeven: Weird, I am at the very end of the diary. I have no idea where this next portal will go…

«Xeven jumps through the portal…»

«…and lands outside the Throne of Darkness castle, in a graveyard. There is a young drow girl that looks just like Xeven sitting there.»

Xeven: OH! Well I guess this makes sense…

???: Who are you!?

Xeven: *Smirks* Take a closer look.

«The girl stands up»

???: Are you… me?

Xeven: Yes.

???: REALLY!? But you're so… so pretty!

Xeven: And you… are about to begin a very epic adventure.

«Xeven tosses the girl her diary»

???: Hey! It's my diary!
???: Wait… its full? How is it already full?

Xeven: Read that Diary very, very carefully… OK?

???: OK. I promise.

Xeven: A few moments from now your new arch enemy is going to come through that portal.
Xeven: Study his face… remember it.
Xeven: If I should fail as the ones before me did, YOU MUST ASSASSINATE <Hero>!

???: But… why?

Xeven: Read page 97.

???: !!!

Xeven: Goodbye…
Xeven: OH! Nearly forgot. *thinks* Hah, I get it now…
Xeven: Call yourself Xeight from now on, OK?

Xeight: Xeight? But why? My name is-

Xeven: Shhh. Trust me.
Xeven: In about 5 years you'll realize it's clever and hilarious.
Xeven: Good luck… and TAKE your time!

«Xeven jumps into the portal»

«The Hero comes out of the portal and looks around»

Hero: Which way did she go?!

Xeight: You're never going to catch her!

Hero: For both our sakes, I'd better.
Hero: I need to get to her before the Chronolords do!
Hero: Because if they catch her… we're both DOOMED.

«Scene fades»

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