This nexus is a place unlike any other. Up those stairs, you will find portals leading to important events from Lore's timeline… and even to points in time that which no longer exist. If you want to know more about where these portals will take you, just ask!

Who Are You?
I am Xeven, a time-traveling assassin from far in the future! I use these blades to create portals to different points in time, in both the past and the future. If you think you're strong enough to handle it, I'll show you my story… eventually!
- Take Me There!

Golden Portal
This portal is a record of the most important events in Lore's timeline. If you ever find yourself unsure where to go next, this portal can guide you to the next part of our Hero's story… of YOUR story.
- Take Me There!

Blue Portal
Members can travel to Hollowsoul Castle.
- Take Me There!

Green Portal
Members can travel to Twilight.
- Take Me There!




Thanks to Harrison.

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