Xanh Lá

Last of the Jade Flame Guardians
<Hero>? Pyralis has told me much about you. I have been beseeching Mother Dragon for help, but with pirates crowding the cave system, I haven’t been able to properly perform the ritual needed to bring her to this world. We must make haste if we are to finish the summoning before Blazebeard arrives!

Jade Flame Guardians
The Jade Flame Guardians have always been defenders of the weak- we traveled across Lore, using the blessings we gained from Mother Dragon to defend those who could not defend themselves. Now, I am the only one left. Do not worry, though- I carry in my heart the secrets of the order, and will defend them with my life.

Mother Dragon rests in the Fire Plane, and as such, it seemed only right to travel with the Order of the Burnt Phoenix. They are kindred spirits, shall we say. I can sense the favor of the Fire Plane in the Pyromancers here…. They remind me of my brothers in arms all those years ago.

- Xanh Lá's Quests

After completing the 'Sung Sot' quest:

Last of the Jade Flame Guardians
Blazebeard is here, and with the Magmanacles, he’s stronger than ever! You’ll have to keep him occupied until the ritual to summon Mother Dragon is complete.We must create a flame strong enough to withstand the force of the volcano, lest we be devoured by its fury!

- Xanh Lá's Quests

After completing the 'Ha Long' quest:

Last of the Jade Flame Guardians
By the grace of Mother Dragon! Not only did we repel the invaders, but she has given this island a blessing of prosperity for years to come. As for me… I will remain here. Although the Jade Flame Guardians have all but vanished, I will continue our mission on this island- for the future. The next time we meet, I hope it will be in happier times!

Location: Blazing Beach


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