Xan Introduction


  • Volcano - Plays when first joining the map

«Hero at Volcano, in chains»

Hero: Wh….

«Hero looks around»

Hero: Where am I? I don't even remember how I…

???: It was a trap.

Hero: Who's there? SHOW YOURSELF!

???: You are NOT doing this to me again. Always trying to stand on my monopoly.
???: YOU are not MY hero!

Hero: Uh… I don't understand. Who are you? What do you want?

Xan: It's me. Xan.

Hero: Xan. Ok. I've //never/ met you before. You have me confused with…

Xan: No. Don't try to twist the history books. I'm back now.
Xan: Back! You are not MY hero but you're the same. Always sniffing. Always grabbing.
Xan: Tearing at my fire. Trying to make it SAND! I AM NOT SAND!

Hero: Xan. You're… not well. Just unchain me and maybe Cysero or Warlic can…

Xan: OH! Oh, Warlic CAN. Warlic WILL. THAT is the ISSUE!
Xan: I just needed you here. Forever. I set a trap for you.
Xan: It was a trap NO hero could resist, so don't feel shy about me.
Xan: I put a button in your town, right at the top of the list. OF COURSE you clicked it.

Hero: What are you…

Xan: It says NEW. OF COURSE you clicked it. You couldn't help it. Your blood made you.
Xan: Now YOU'RE sand, aren't you? Sand and saw dust and raw smoke just leaning away.
Xan: You were going to stand right there on my idea, again. LIKE ALWAYS.
Xan: So I put you in the cupboard with the other glasses. You can't see me from here with the cupboard shut, right?

Hero: … Just let me go.

Xan: NO. A fish like you will just jump and scream.
Xan: You'll scream to Warlic that DEATH was coming for him. Is that what the issue was?

Hero: You're going to do something to Warlic?

Xan: Well, that's all been said. You can scream down here, hero. Fish.
Xan: Scream and the walls and fire will just forget that you were on it. Scream all you want.
Xan: I have work to do.
xan: Goodbye, Fish. I wouldn't try to follow me. You might burn yourself.

«Scroll up to Jimmy The Eye, who goes to Hero»

Hero: Jimmy The Eye!

Warlic: Greetings, hero. I am speaking through Jimmy The Eye. I sent him to spy on Xan when I sensed his approach.
Warlic: He's always been dangerous and unstable but it appears that his mind has finally cracked in half.

Hero: Ya think?

Warlic: With his power, he's more of a threat then ever. I have to prepare for his attack.
Warlic: Jimmy found his way down there so there must be a way out. He will do what he can to lead you.

«Jimmy The Eye liberates Hero»

Hero: Thanks Warlic, Thanks Jimmy.
Hero: Warlic… I could SMELL the crazy coming off of him in waves. He's REALLY dangerous.
Hero: I've never been around someone so insane. Be careful.

Warlic: I will. See you back in Battleon.

«Scene fades»

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