Faithful Servant of Desoloth
It took me 737 years but I was finally able to open the DragonPlane portal. Thank you for coming. My master, Desoloth is in need of your help. The DragonMark must be shattered and the DragonGate must be opened before he is lost. If he is sealed away then your world, ALL WORLDS will be doomed!

After Finishing all Quests:

Faithful Servant of Desoloth
Thank you, mortal. I would never have had the strength to free Desoloth without you. I will be rewarded for my service to my master. Now he is free in your world and the Elements will be HIS to control and devour! ALL HAIL DESOLOTH, THE FINAL!

Time is short but I will answer what questions you may have.

The DragonGate separates a small part of the DragonPlane from the rest. The four elemental dragons constructed it to hole my master captive before your people had a written language and still passed stories from parent to child. That is where the Song of Desoloth came from.

The DragonMark is the lock that seals the DragonGate closed. The Elemental Dragons have been weaving their Elemental Dragon magics together for over 800 years and their work is nearly complete. Once the DragonMark is whole… no power that I know of will be able to break it. You MUST shatter it before it is complete to free my master!

The DragonPlane, also called the Dragon Realm, is the place from which the pure, great dragons first came. This is the nexus where the Physical, Magical and Elemental planes and The Void meet. With all that power pouring into one spot it created the perfect conditions to give rise to the Dragon race, amongst whom my master is the one of the most powerful.

My master is one of the true, great dragons. His unthinkable age, elemental magic power and love for you material beings made him a threat to the lesser elemental dragons. They are each tied to a single element but not Desoloth. My master is the living embodiment of ALL elemental magic!

Eight centuries ago four of the strongest elemental dragons who still reside here where their magic is strongest tricked Desoloth into entering the DragonGate and began weaving the DragonMark to seal him within. They wanted control over all the lesser elemental dragons and it looks like they might succeed unless you are able to stop them!

Child's Song
There are no written records of Desoloth on the physical plane but Desoloth still exists in the memories of the people of your world. That is why you still sing of his capture…

Desoloth waits in the dark,
Held captive by the DragonMark,
Four Dragons watch him, never blinking,
But even they can't stop his thinking…

The power of his thoughts alone,
Give form and shape to living stone,
He breathes the earth and swims in flame,
And plays a slow and patient game…

So in his half-dream he must wait,
Units swings wide the DragonGate.
And on that day we will rejoice,
As we dance to his ancient voice.

It is an oversimplification of the matter at hand but it gladdens my heart to know that Desoloth is still remembered in your world, if only by the children.

Just as there are many forms of intelligent creatures on the Physical plane… Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Horcs, Trolls and the rest… so it is here on the DragonPlane. I am not a full dragon but a humble Dravix. Our children went to your worlds and eventually became the baser Dravir. The Dravix worship all dragons, but Desoloth took me under his wing.

He trained me, taught me many great secrets known only to the dragons and in return I have sworn to serve him faihfully for the rest of my very, very long life. That is why I spent seven centuries trying to open the potal to this plane so a true hero, like you, could enter and save my master.

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